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Osciloscop DS1074Z


Osciloscop digital cu 4 canale de 70MHz
Pret promotional:

Oferta este valabila in limita stocului disponibil.


Multimetru digital True RMS de mare precizie, afisor LCD cu 4 digiti dual,
. Bateria nu este inclusa in pachet!!!

Pret: 261 EUR+TVA

Cleste ampermetric UT203
Functii principale:
mas.tensiune DC si AC,
curent DC si AC, rezistenta, frecventa, Duty cycle
Alte functii:
auto scalare, diode test, buzzer de continuitate, mas. relativa, funct. hold/stand by, etc

Pret: 45,17EUR/buc+TVA
Statie de lipit WS 51

Statie de lipit Weller “Temtronic de 50W ” cu temperatură reglabil între 150°C ÷ 450°C, cu carcasă antistatică.
Conţinut pachet : unitate de control şi alimentare PU-51, ciocan de lipit 24V / 50W LR-21, varf ET-B, suport pentru ciocan de lipit KH-20

Pret promotional 161 EUR+TVA

Noutati ELFA

Scopmetru HDS1022M-N

Scopmetru de 20 MHz cu 2 canale si functie multimetru,
afisaj color de 3.7 inch

Pret promotional: 369 EUR+TVA
Mastech MY-64

Multimetru digital pt masurarea curentului si a tensiunii in AC si DC, masurarea frecventei, a temperaturii, rezistentei, si a capacitatii.

Pret promotional: 82,84 RON/buc cu TVA
Multimetru UT70B

Functii principale:
mas.tensiune DC si AC,
curent DC si AC,
Rezistenta, capacitate,
Frecventa, temperatura, RPM

Alte functi: Auto scalare, diode test buzzer de continuitate, funct. Hold si Stand-by, mod: MAX/MIN, masurare relativa,
Pret: 70,15 EUR/buc+TVA
MPLAB ICD development kit

- debugger pt circuitele PIC si dsPIC.
- conectat prin USB sau RS232 la un PC.
- compatibil cu Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000 and XP.

Pret : 529 RON+TVA

Free2move Bluetooth Module - F2M03AC2

F2M03AC2 - 20m range
  • Complete Bluetooth system including antenna
  • No additional Bluetooth qualification needed
  • Includes complete audio codec
  • Available with complete Bluetooth software stack
  • Headset functionality available.
  • Possibility to work as a wireless UART without extra protocol.
  • Serial interface, 8 digital and 2 analog I/O
  • Analog and digital (PCM) voice interface for up to 3 simultaneous voice channels
  • Nominal 20m range, transmit Power up to +4dBm
  • Full Bluetooth data rate over UART and USB
  • Low power modes
  • Surface mountable, physical size: 24x13 mm
  • Bluetooth v1.1 compliant
  • Available as OEM module with pin connector
  • Also available as evaluation board
General Description
This is a Class 2 surface mountable Bluetooth system. The module includes
antenna and an audio codec for conversion between analog and digital voice.
It is Bluetooth qualified as an end product i.e. no additional qualification

The module provides a fully compliant device for data and voice communications.
The physical interfaces to a host (UART and USB) can support full Bluetooth
data rate. An analog voice interface and a PCM digital audio interface are
available. There are also digital and analog I/O and I2C interfaces.

The module is available with a number of different firmware versions: The
Wireless UART firmware is an embedded single processor solution that implements
the Serial Port Profile (SPP). All data flows transparent through the serial
port to the remote device. Using high level commands the user can configure
the Bluetooth connection. Other firmware versions are: Headset, HCI, RFCOMM
and the possibility to get customized standalone applications implemented as
an on chip solution.

The F2M03CA2 is available in volume production.

More information:
Evaluation Board (PDF file, 340 kb)
Brief datasheet (PDF file, 83 kb)
Inapoi la produs